Multis e gentibus vires: from many peoples, strength.


Sask Gen Web Genealogical and Historical Resources for Saskatchewan, Canada


Sask Gen Web is part of the Canada Gen Web Project which in turn is a part of the World Gen Web Project.  Saskatchewan Gen Web will begin to re-establish a presence here with genealogical resources while rootsweb/ is managing the original web pages offline.  Please bear with us, during the re-birth of Saskatchewan Gen Web while awaiting for the original web site to be up and running.  Please enjoy this new site, which is still in its tender youth, but will continue to flourish and grow until the original Sask Gen Web pages are restored.


Rootsweb/Ancestry Hosted WebsitesWebsites that have been hosted on are currently unavailable due to security issues.  We do apologize for the inconvenience this causes our visitors but we have not control over this issue. employees are working to get the websites back up and running on our original domain.  Please bear with us during this time of transition if you are seeking genealogical resources for Saskatchewan family trees.

Please click on the former Saskatchewan Genealogy website address for futher updates from